Thursday, April 10, 2014

Inspiration : Floral Headbands

I have been busting my butt lately doing a ton of those things in life that one just can't avoid. You know the kind - spring cleaning, formal visitations, moving and so on. If only I could put myself in cycles of crafting, eating and sleeping - Oh! The glory!

In the midst of all the work that I appear to be doing, I do have a couple of sneak-peaks and Pinterest and Google and I'm beginning to notice a whole bunch of pictures and posts about floral headbands. Granted they have been around a while, but I never pictured myself as a flower-y girl, let alone put a bunch of them on my head.

They took their time to grow on me, but when they did - OMG! Now all I can think about is crowns and headbands and mostly, how to wear them here in India without getting the Zoo Animal stare that one gets in *certain* places when one deviates from certain dress norms *just a little bit*.

Anyhow, while I figure that out, check out these floral beauties:

- Cheers!

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