Saturday, April 5, 2014

DIY Jewelry Recycle Series : Part 3 - Studded Garland Necklace

As you probably know, I started this year with a promise to myself to reduce material wastage. DIY Jewelry Recycle Series has been created for precisely this - to inspire myself (and hopefully you) to make best use of items I have at hand (and do something better with the extra cash? We'll talk about the "better" later!)

The third (See first and second here) in line for this series is keeping well with my growing obsession with anything involving studs, rivets, spikes, pyramids of any sort and of course, garlands. 

Check out how you can make your very own version of this studded garland necklace recycled from an unused bracelet.

Here's what you'll need
  • Studs (from other jewelry, clothing, shoes - anything you find a tad too embellished)
  • Basic flat nosed pliers and crimping tool
  • Jump rings (4 or 6 mm)
  • Jewelry chain
  • Lobster clasp

Step 1: Pry apart the studs from your item like there's no tomorrow. Or in this case, just snip the bracelet cord. Sew-on studs work the best for this.

Step 2: Arrange the studs as you want them on your necklace (I took 7 of them) and cut about six 1 inch pieces of delicate jewelry chain.

Step 3: Start attaching the studs to the chain bits with tiny jump rings

Step 4: Continue until all studs are attached

Step 5: Add in desired chain lengths on either side, with lobster clasp and you're done!

I was so psyched by this that I ended up making another version in silver!


Supplies used: