Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIY : House of Harlow Inspired Safety Pin Necklace

I've seen a lot of safety pin art jewelry off late, and frankly, that's inspiring for a recycle-ista like me - Another source of getting close to the latest fashion and beautiful art easily and economically :) While I've come across many a high-end designs involving intricate, gold-plated work, I decided to start simple with the unique and beautiful inspiration below.

Check out this gorgeous delicate safety pin necklace by House of Harlow:

Here's what you'll need to make your own, albeit customized, version of it:
  • A safety pin, any size
  • Length of chain
  • Jump rings, 3mm and 6mm
  • Chain clasp
  • Tiny Swarovski rhinestones (I used Ocean Blue)
  • Instant super glue (or E6000)

Here's how:
Step 1: Put a drop of glue with a toothpick on any side of the safety pin head. Start placing the rhinestones on it carefully.

Step 2: After you reach about halfway, put a drop of glue on the other half of the safety pin. Spread with a toothpick.

Step 3: Once the top of the safety pin has been covered, cover the sides with rhinestones. Allow sufficient time to dry.

Step 4: Attach the smaller jump ring to a chain end and attach this to the safety pin loop.

Step 5: You'll have to follow a slightly different approach for the pin head. Attach a jump ring to the other chain end and insert over the open pin as shown.

Step 6: Close the pin, twist the jump ring under the pin head. Seal with a drop of glue.

Step 7: Cut the chain in the middle and attach the clasp and larger jump rings.

And there we have it!

Layer with other delicate jewelry for interesting effects.


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