Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Good News: Jade Eclectic @ TheAlternative.In

Hey Guys! Hope you're having a great weekend! I have a good and a not-so-good (:() news to share with you. This time I'll share only the good news. (Personally, I'm a "bad news first"-er!). 

Anyhow, Jade Eclectic is now on !! Remember the Case of the Unwanted Studded Clothes and the Lost Earring? They're now here at:
1. A DIY scarf made with recycled skull studs!

I'm so happy to tell you guys that they're now posted on The Alternative Magazine as a part of ideas for sustainable living. This just goes to tell me how far your readership has gotten Jade Eclectic. 

The Alternative in an online magazine and community which promotes the idea of a greener way of live "India-style!". In their own words,

"At The Alternative, we strive to make sustainability a way of life through conversations, everyday choices and practices that can lend itself to positive social impact. From food, travel and parenting to social innovation and issues of public interest, we cover everything that it takes to move towards better living, better business and better societies. Not to mention the occasional furry cat video to give the whole thing a shot in the arm."

Given that in 2014, I'd taken a resolution to be meaner, leaner and greener too, it was a calling to collaborate with their wonderful team for getting this across! I can't say how much these guys are needed for India to jump onto the sustainability wagon. I really appreciate the work they do and fun way they do it!

That said and done, The Bad News next time! I won't be so bad, I promise :)

Till then, PEACE

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