Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DIY Jewelry Recycle Series : Part 6 - Watch Strap Cuff

I've been saving a couple of old watch straps for ages, forever thinking about things I could do with them. It wasn't until I saw this watch strap cuff here at ASOS that I thought, "Bingo!". Though inexpensive, its such a cool way to use up those pesky leftover watch straps! Don't ask me how I ended up with them in the first place, I hope you'll see soon. :)

Here's my inspiration:

Now, here's what you'll need to make your own version:
  •  A couple of metallic bangles (I used an old pair)
  • A watch strap
  • Super - Glue (or E6000)
  • Heavy Duty pliers

Step 1: Cut off the watch clasps using the plier. This step is going to take some effort unless you have an extra pair of helping hands.

Step 2: With the pliers cut the bangles at their joint.

Step 3: Create about an inch gap in the bangles.

Step 4: Put a thin line of glue on one of the bangles and gently place the other one on top of it. Wait to dry.

Step 5: Start attaching the smaller watch strap first. Once semi-dry, turn the bangle over and put another few drops of glue to seal from the back.

Step 6: Glue on the longer strap in the same fashion.

And your watch cuff is ready. Sand the edges a little if required.

Great for layering with other bangles!

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