Monday, June 23, 2014

A Stumble Upon The Culinarium | Ooty

I've been bitten by a travel bug lately. I was back to Ooty with the family a few days ago. Of course, I visited all my favorite spots (note: Hotel Sherlock), did a lot of chocolate, tea, spices and oil shopping, went to my favorite flea markets and basically went nuts on the town! The weather, as usual, was delightful, whatever season it may be. 

This time around we decided to explore a little further up to Coonoor and check out the acres of tea estates. While Coonoor turned out to be breathtaking as expected, on our way back we stopped at a tiny cafe - easily missed from the road - that totally blew my mind! A retreat amidst the blue mountains, The Culinarium had all the right offerings for the excited, change-seeking traveler. 

We were welcomed by a beaut paved path leading to the entrance (Note the yellow umbrellas in the blue French vase)

At the entrance was a bakery, as one expects, but towards the left was a tiny outlet flanked with the latest fashion by Sue London, India's only outlet! The display had a variety of items by Sue London, including their much known collection of Lip Coin Purses.

On speaking to the staff, we got to know that the cafe was co-owned by a French resident and nearly everything there flew in from Paris!

The cafe was a delight to spend time in, in more ways than one. For starters, the place had a touch of French decor with a view of Indian mountains. There were huge windows on three sides which let you gaze at the green mountains while sipping your tea and eating your tea cakes and leaving your troubles behind!

This was how it looked from our table:

I was especially in love with these cutesy painted lamps! I'm not much of a home & decor girl, but I like my colorful and shiny ;)

#Notetoself - Find them in India and hang them everywhere!

Check out the interesting fireplace in the center of the cafe.

Towards our right was a summery bar that supplier the freshest mocktails and coffee. I'm totally digging the yellow accents.

And now for the best part, the FOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!! We went nuts and ordered these YUM treats:

Broccoli Quiche

(The best ever) Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate Macaroon

Strawberry Tart

We were running a little late and had to rush as even then I was eyeing more exotica at the bakery counter. Can you blame me?

Even the little sugar packets for the evening tea looked daintily French.

I think I've said all I could at the risk of sounding like a complete #Foodie, but it made for a great time and some pleasant memories. Its quite an experience in the midst of the natural beauty and you should definitely try it should you visit Ooty.

P.S check out their Facebook page - I didn't get to see it after dusk, but seems to be even more beautiful!

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