Monday, February 10, 2014

Oppressed Majority

The topic of this post should rather be "I came across this video recently and it blew my mind."

The idea of feminism is always a touchy topic for many people. When a girl chooses to dress as she feels, do what she wants, go where she wants and in general, is assertive about her needs and career, she is usually branded with the famous F-word (the other one) - Feminist!

But its hard to understand why the word Feminist is so bad after all. In a world where were fight for the rights of minorities' and we have laws banning the use of certain language on grounds of racism, we still use 'feminist' with thinly disguised contempt in our minds for women who are viewed as too "aggressive" or "modern", whether we choose of acknowledge this to ourselves or not. It doesn't have to be about who is greater, rather equality in every sense. 

Now I'm not pointing fingers at any gender or culture - I've come across nice guys who (truly) respect women and their choices, just as I've met women who are perfectly happy placing the trust of their decisions on their other halves. It is after all, a personal choice. It is the right to make that very personal choice that is taken away in certain situations - and the sufferers usually end up being women.

This hitting short film, created by French director Éléonore Pourriat is all about that - to bring a point across what it feels to be a woman who is subjected to sexism and violence. 

To give you a heads-up, it can get disturbing (not recommended for all ages)

Watch it here:

Or check it out here :

It changed me a little bit.

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