Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Wallet Revamp

Oh wallet! How I love thee wallet! Why do you have to age wallet?

I got my favorite wallet as a birthday gift 3 years ago. Its not fancy-fancy, but something I could carry everywhere without being too offensive.

Look how pretty!

Years of daily use and the many, many unsuccessful attempts to clean it took a toll of my wallet's life and I had to replace it (:(). Of course, I didn't throw it away (never dispose, never!) and it quietly became another addition to the make-my-home-a-museum-of-curious-paraphernalia project.

Until recently, I stumbled upon it and thought "This could go well with my current colorful, ethnic madness".

If you are on the same train, then here's what you need: (Also, <3)
  • A beloved old wallet
  • Trims and laces of your favorite colors and varying thickness
  • Fabric Glue (here)
  • Leather needle (Optional)
  • Super Glue (Optional)

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Cut out the trim of your choice to the length of the wallet, leaving an extra half inch on either side.

Step 2: Apply the fabric glue and carefully set to align with the edge of the wallet flap.

Step 3: Continue attaching trims you like one after the other up till the flap and back of the wallet are fully covered. Go nuts here, seriously!

Step 4: Fold over at edges underneath the flap and folds of the wallet and seal with super glue. You can also add a few stitches here and there for better sealing.

Step 5: Cut out the pom pom trim according to the length of the zip and the flap.

Step 6: Attach the final trimming inside the zip fold and underneath the flap of the wallet.

And the sad old wallet has reinvented itself to something I can actually use - what do you think?

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